Episode #86 – Big Game, Mission: Impossible, and Top 10 Henchmen!

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June Movie Previews!

Entourage – http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/wb/entourage/

Insidious: Chapter 3 – http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/focus_features/insidiouschapter3/

Spy – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zc3KTQJvK4 R rated trailer

Love and Mercy – http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/independent/lovemercy/

The Nightmare – http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/independent/thenightmare/

Jurassic World – http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/universal/jurassicworld/

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl – http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/fox_searchlight/meandearlandthedyinggirl/

The Wolfpack – http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/magnolia/thewolfpack/

Dope – http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/independent/dope/

Inside Out – http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/disney/insideout/

Infinitely Polar Bear – http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/sony/infinitelypolarbear/

Manglehorn – http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/ifcfilms/manglehorn/

The Overnight – http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/independent/theovernight/

Max – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4tgxoas-36Y

Ted 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8eHufVyP2gE R rated trailer

Big Game – http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/independent/biggame/

Retro Review:
Mission: Impossible

Top 10 Explosions!

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Top 10 Political Movies
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2 thoughts on “Episode #86 – Big Game, Mission: Impossible, and Top 10 Henchmen!”

  1. Drew a blank during the episode when I was asked who I wanted to play young Han Solo. I’ve thought about it and I want Taran Egerton from The Kingsman. Right age and could believe him as a young Harrison Ford.

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